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Personal Power Within, Inc.®

Truth be told, some people spend their entire lives letting their egos run the show.  While others get in leadership positions and spend each and every day on power trips.  Unfortunately, making it their mission in life to take advantage of those they come in contact with.




The good news is, that's not the case when it comes to most of us.  In fact, we participate in personal and/or professional development searching for answers and ways to grow and be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. 

While we may unintentionally hurt others on our quest, we are reading books, watching shows, videos, and attending events in order to get help for our past trauma and drama.


We are redefining, bouncing back, and reinventing ourselves as we overcome our past upsets, betrayals, and setbacks.

As a result, personal power for us- is less about having power over others- and more about tapping into the personal power that lies within...but doesn't always feel powerful in the process.

The process of facing our fears, speaking our truth, expressing our concerns, and effectively communicating our needs and wants- that's true power. 

That's personal power that gives us the courage, power, and strength day after day to get back up, be our best, and when things go wrong (or we fail)- to get back up.

Like fine wine- we have the power to

develop and get better with time.

Personal Growth 

The ability to identify and decide who and where we are; what areas we want to elevate and take to another level: emotionally, socially, mentally, spiritually, physically, and professionally.

Once this occurs, we must be willing to take action steps for the dreams, goals, and plans we set for our self to be realized.

It's important to understand that developing ones sense of self is a life-long journey of growth and improvement that should include a healthy appreciation for our efforts to get better with time.

Professional Growth

​Provides us with the opportunity to learn something new everyday, add to what we already know, or see something in a new way.

It gives us the opportunity to grow in our current career, gain new skills and insight to expand our mind, and consider new opportunities for advancement when they arise. 

Attending, participating, and setting a goal to walk away with at least one positive take-away can lend itself to helping us be better employees, coworkers, managers, supervisors, and all around leaders. 

Personal Growth

Personal Growth and development is a process that requires a balance of self-reflection, self-correction, and self-acceptance as we seek to maximize our talents, skills, and abilities. 

Setting personal goals for ourselves individually, as leaders, and role-models not only is beneficial for us, but inspires those around us. 

Professional Growth

Professional development can also assist us in obtaining the next level of training and knowledge needed to apply for challenging, rewarding, and financially beneficial positions both inside and outside of the industry we currently find ourselves working in.

Setting professional goals can help engage our mind, improve our outlook, and give us hope for the future- so we reduce the risk of becoming stagnant and/or simply "work for the weekend".

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