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A Step-by-step guide for any who has experienced the "Fires of Life" that leave us trapped, guarded, or stuck.  Discover how to understand your past and get your power back.

What Customers are saying...

"Such an amazing book!!! I can hesitate at times reading this type of book.."self help"...many times it can bring me down, make me feel more upset about life's trials and the harm that kind others have endure. Sleeping With My Shoes On was nothing like that! Even though traumatic events were shared, you could feel the strength that was drawn from those events, the reason behind Ms. Jackson's life works, and it gave genuine hope, that if she could break through and feel self worth, that so could I! I came away feeling empowered, knowing it's still a battle I'll have to face, but I have tools now, I feel excited knowing that I can get stronger, I'm so very, very glad she covered self boundaries. It's hard to build boundaries, especially when boundaries were broken at such a young age that you didn't really know what they should look like our feel like. For that, I truly thank you!!!!"

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