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About Me

L.J. Jackson

When I was 15, I was trapped in a fire with no way out. 

A telling story I share in my book.  Believing my fate was

sealed, I did my best to wrap my mind around the idea

of burning to death.  But I didn't want to die just yet, at least

not like that.  So I took a chance and made a decision that

changed everything.

After climbing up and out to safety, I spent years discovering

how to use my emotional pain as fuel to be my best and

never give up.

Since then, I've developed the skill, drive, and passion to help individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

That's how Personal Power Within, Inc.® was born.

L.J. Jackson

Personal Power Within, Inc.®

Personal Power Within, Inc.® is a Certified Woman-Owned, Small Business Established in 2013.  We are driven, focused, professional, and efficient at what we do.

Helping you make the most of your events, talents, experience, and resources is what we do best!  

With a high energy, engaging; yet down-to-earth style that creates a space for your students, staff, group, team, or department to gain insight and walk away refreshed.   

At Personal Power Within, Inc.® we pride ourselves on being a master problem solver with a gift and knack for helping others shine. 

Showing you and your employees how to discover, enhance, or improve their outlook, actions, and mindset is where we thrive. 


Helping others grow and get better with time, is our joy and delight!

President and Founder of Personal Power Within, Inc.®, L.J. Jackson, uses her skills, talent, and training as a Strategic Interventionist, Master Success Coach, Master Business Coach, NLP Coach, School Counselor, trained School Psychologist, and more.  As she helps map out a plan to support you as a leader as you grow, enrich your career, and improve lives!

L.J. Jackson a Master Problem-Solver saving dreams and providing solution-focused support for 27 years and counting!

What others have to say...

-Sonia H.

“L.J. is a loving, caring and compassionate individual who has helped me see the better side of me.  L.J. is a dedicated, hardworking woman, her passion for helping goes beyond the norm.  This talented woman has taught me to love and enjoy life.”                

L.J. helped me...

-Inez C.

"L.J.'s, personality and experience made me very comfortable from the start. She focused on what I felt were weaknesses and helped me realize my strong suits and a variety of options...I feel very hopeful about the next chapter and steps I'm about to embark on".           

L.J.s personality...

-Veronica E.

"L.J., you are a great Sounding Board to bounce things off of, and I’ve done action plans before, but yours has served on a daily basis as a reminder to address negativity and see the positive in what I’m striving toward. I’m climbing out of the hole and you are my life line right now."


-Robert C.

"LJ is just an amazing soul! Working with her was a blessing right at the time I needed the blessing. She helped fine tune my limitation and be able to breakthrough it. I'm grateful that she shares her gift with others." 

L.J. reminded me...

L.J. is just an...

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