Photo Gallery

Counselor Network Conference

Women making a difference with the help of Dr. Serena Straka

LJ and Kyle McGregor

Like-minded executive coaching philosophies

LJ_Freddy Miyares

Ran into Freddy Miyares leaving NYC headed back to L.A.

LJ and Tracy Lee Nelson

Indian Education Family Gathering Promotes Native Culture and Pride

L.J. and En Vogue

L.J. and En Vogue Backstage

L.J. Masterclass

Exclusively on Moviebaby

L.J. and CCF Board Members

CCF Wine Dinner Fundraiser


L.J. shares a few words at Earth2Fork Launch

L.J. and IEHP's Super Nutricia

CCF Earth2Fork Launch

CCF Board Members and Community

Earth2Fork Launch


CSUSB Alumni Workshop Series


CSUSB Alumni Workshop Series 2018


CSUSB Alumni Workshop Series

L.J. and Kiesha Nix

Pioneer Breakfast

L.J. and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Booker

Pioneer Breakfast

Classy J, L.J., and Ethel

CCF Unitea Fundraiser

L.J. and Kathy Holmes

Uni-Tea 2018

L.J. and Dr. Sandra of Vibrant Vibrant Talk Show

L.J.'s Book Event

Senator Leyva Honors E.M.

Advisory Board Members attend this great event honoring CEO of CCF

L.J. and Women of O.H.Inc.

Dropping off contribution and books raised from Charity event.

L.J. and Tanya

Board Members of CCF serve Thanksgiving Dinner

L.J.'s Charity Event

Book signing

L.J.'s Charity Event

Book signing

LJ and Martin

Martin Kaleb joins L.J. Jackson and staff Renaissance Assembly

L.J. and Vince Royale

Vince Royale's Improv Comedy Show


L.J. Speaking at the 1st Annual Uni-Tea


Center for Nonprofit Management Training

LJ and Janie

L.J. Jackson and Janie Lidey stop for a moment to appreciate being kindred spirits.

L.J. and Elizabeth McSwain

Caramel Connections Foundation nonprofit Founder and L.J. Jackson join in 10 Year Celebration & Fashion Show

Racing for Success Event

L.J. Jackson and others capture the moment as Nadine Lajoie runs into her old bike.

Racing to Success

L.J. Jackson and others capture the moment as Nadine Lajoie runs into her old bike.

Women's Wisdom New Members

L.J. Jackson and Judy Foster along with two other dynamic ladies after an amazing luncheon

BPN Ladies

Photo op after amazing networking breakfast BPN

L.J. Jackson

Keynote Speaker at Corona Business Women's Event

Kevin Harrington, LJ, and Mel

L.J. Jackson joins Kevin Harrington (shark tank, Infomercial, As Seen On TV pioneer) and Mel Culter (Success Academy, Vocal EZE)

Jill Lublin and L.J. Jackson

Publicity Expert Jill Lublin and L.J. Jackson after amazing day of training

Six Sensory Women

L.J. Jackson and 9 dynamic women share their hearts, their dreams, and businesses.

L.J. Jackson & Donzaleigh Abernathy

Donzaleigh shares her story with High School Students

L.J. and Arvee Robinson

Two ladies pose for photo op after an intense day of speaker training.

L.J. Jackson and Laila Ali

Laila Ali gave a dynamic speech and then made time for photo ops

L.J. Jackson and Erica Blocker

Transformational Leaders: Three dynamic ladies stop for photo op to capture a great moment in time...L.J. and Erica Gordon are kindred spirits

Marla Diann and L.J. Jackson

Photo op after amazing networking breakfast

L.J. and Bo Eason

After a wonderful day of speaker and author training, Bo Eason and L.J. pose for the camera

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CSUSB Alumni Workshop Series

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