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Learn How to Understand Yourself More Reclaim Your Power. Release and Let Go. 



Want a 7 week program that will give you peace of mind, emotional freedom, and your Life Back?

Sign up now and save to get this course on Reclaiming Your Innocence (and your power) before it goes live!

What this course will include:

  • Show you how to loosen, release, and shift negative emotions and memories

  • Show you how to leverage your pain, heartache, and past betrayals

  • Show you what to do so you make better choices, decisions, and actions for your health and emotional wealth's sake

  • How to reconnect with the innocent child within

  • Get a sense of peace from gaining a nugget of clarity

  • Be empowered simply by knowing more than you once did before

  • Discover how to look in the mirror and like what you see

End the course with weight off your shoulders, feeling lighter, and much more!

Sign up now and save more than 50% off the launch price when this course goes live!

Regardless of whether or not you've...

​Always wanted to grow and heal

Have felt like you were too busy

Been masking your emotions

Were unsure where to start


Right now you can take a stand!

Uncover the truth about Innocence and the role it plays in our lives.



Discover what Reclaimed Innocence Feels like after what you'll learn every week.


A lot of what you'll experience and receive:

7 weeks of guidance and support

Tips and insights

Videos and Mp3's



Special "take inspired action" handouts


If you've been putting it off, then if not now, when?

Give yourself permission...

​I am confident that this will not only be worth your time and attention, but it may turn out to be a truly "defining moment" and turning point in your life and relationships.

Claim your spot

Say Yes to Your Next Level of Self-Improvement

Plus, walk away with specific tips, strategies, and techniques that teach you how to attain and set boundaries, be happier, and feel better.

Grow personally with L.J.

"L.J.'s, personality and experience made me very comfortable from the start. She focused on what I felt were weaknesses and helped me realize my strong suits and a variety of options...I feel very hopeful about the next chapter and steps I'm about to embark on".            -Inez C.

“L.J. is a loving, caring and compassionate individual who has helped me see the better side of me.  L.J. is a dedicated, hardworking woman, her passion for helping goes beyond the norm.  This talented woman has taught me to love and enjoy life.”                -Sonia H.

"L.J., you are a great Sounding Board to bounce things off of, and I’ve done action plans before, but yours has served on a daily basis as a reminder to address negativity and see the positive in what I’m striving toward. I’m climbing out of the hole and you are my life line right now."

                           -Veronica E.

L.J. Jackson, LJ Jackson

Women's Empowerment Coach and Mentor, Empowering Women, Coaching Women, Life Coach for Women, Life Coaching for Women, Women's Mentoring, Mentoring for Women for the Inlance Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles County, California, Northern California, Southern Califronia,  USA, North America. Personal Development, Personal Growth, Self-Help.

11660 Church Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, 91761, 90210, 92336, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Irvine, West LA, Westwood, Brentwood, Chino Hills, La Verne, Atlanta, Georgia 

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