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International Firefighters Day

Happy International Firefighters Day! You are loved and appreciated. Like a little girl or should I say, like an innocent child, my heart skips a bit and I'm tempted to scream out, "I love you firefighters!" every time a fire truck pulls up next to me- as the engine roars and we both wait for the light to turn green.

Two firefighters fight a fire

You know, like when little kids see a big rig truck and make a motion for the Trucker to blow their big rig horn? That's how I feel inside when I see a fire truck. But instead, I remain quiet after looking over at them with gratitude, respect, happiness and appreciation in my heart. Especially since, if not for them I might not be here today. A telling and true personal story I share in my book, Sleeping with My Shoes On. You see, when I was 15 we woke up to a fire and the front of the house was all a blaze- like a dream, I couldn't believe my eyes...

So on International Firefighters Day, I want to make sure I take the time out to show my gratitude and acknowledge how I feel. Knowing that firefighters have a hard, self-sacrificing job, where they often witness the loss of life and risk their own mortality day after day. So again, thank you!

That being the case, here's two potentially great resources for those who like me, want to do something to express gratitude: National Fallen Firefighters Foundation: and the Fire Family Foundation

Written By L.J. Jackson, Empowerment Expert

Mentor, Coach, Cheerleader, and Master Problem Solver

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