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True Evolution

From schoolyard to Courtyards, from Courtrooms to Boardrooms, and everywhere in between. Passionate conversations, disagreements, debates, and arguments ring out when the theory of our evolution as human-beings is discussed. You know, in the beginning, and how we truly started out.

And while I must admit to having my own personal opinions on the subject, my focus shifted about 16 years ago. It was during a time when I was searching for a deeper level of clarity and understanding, it occurred to me something was missing from the conversation about evolution all together.

Something that could make a huge impact far and wide, with potential to leave a lasting positive impact on the 21st century!

I had, had an epiphany that whispered and said, "true evolution is self-evolution and occurs when we become more than we were the day before". Wow! I could see so clearly how this simple message carried so much potential, weight, and meaning.

In other words, instead of debating about our biological heritage as humans, we as human-beings have an innate ability to self-evolve. Meaning, each day is an opportunity to evolve personally, grow intellectually, emotionally, mentally, and even socially (if we allow it).

In other words, "true evolution is self evolution" or a coming home to our true self (our authentic self). When we as people, and collectively as humans, were more about the business of human-beings (spiritual, moral, community, family, values, etc.), and less about the business of what many have turned into...human-doings (doing things that harm and hurt others). Before the wars, the abuse, the bad experiences, negative influences, trauma, drama, oppression, betrayals, and hard hardiness. You know, before it all shifted us away from our wholeness, our oneness, our togetherness.

Can you imagine what the world would be like in the next 10-20 years, if we each took the time out to focus on self-evolving?

Of course, I'm not implying the world would be perfect or flawless, but I can see by each person consciously doing their deal with whatever is going on in their head and heart daily.

I think we would quickly move away from materialism, ego trips, survival of the fittest, and selfishness. And instead, make progress towards getting back to the basics. Back to opening up the energy, space, and opportunity (at the very least) for us all (men and women, young and old) to be able to focus on a united goal of being authentic and true.

Especially since, as the saying goes, hurt people tend to hurt other people. So if more and more of us took the time out to deal, feel, and heal quarrels and heartache, then naturally there would be more peace with egos set aside, right?

So let's do our part and focus on true evolution by becoming more than we were the day before and so much more: in life, in love, in business, and all the above!

Written by L.J. Jackson, Empowerment Expert

Mentor, Coach, Cheerleader, and Master Problem Solver

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