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Author of Sleeping with My Shoes On: Reclaim Your Innocence, Reclaim Your Power; Inspirational Speaker, Leader, and Executive Producer of the Wise Up and Rise Up Radio Show...

With a wealth of knowledge, skills, and solution-focused insights to assist your staff, team, department, and employees.

L.J. Speaker for IEWBC

Speaking Event at Corona's Business Center

L.J. CSUSB Alumni Workshop

Goal/Dream workshop

L.J. CSUSB Alumni Workshop

Goal/Dream Workshop

L.J. Speaking at the Uni-Tea

Uni-Tea fundraiser

L.J. Seminar Speaker

Ultimate Women's Expo

L.J. Book speaking at book signing

Sharing personal story

L.J. Facilitates Synergy Day

Helping to promote connection and compassion

Superdope Masterclass 1

Masterclass exclusively on MovieBaby

L.J. Jackson, Los Angeles, California, U.S., National, Local, Global, International, New York, Atlanta, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire, Riverside County, United States of America, North America

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