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I would love to be your events Host/Emcee

Author of Sleeping with My Shoes On: Reclaim Your Innocence, Reclaim Your Power; Inspirational Speaker, Leader, and Executive Producer of the Wise Up and Rise Up Radio Show...

With a wealth of knowledge, skills, and solution-focused insights to assist your staff, team, department, and employees.

L.J. Speaker for IEWBC

Speaking Event at Corona's Business Center

L.J. CSUSB Alumni Workshop

Goal/Dream workshop

L.J. CSUSB Alumni Workshop

Goal/Dream Workshop

L.J. Speaking at the Uni-Tea

Uni-Tea fundraiser

L.J. Seminar Speaker

Ultimate Women's Expo

L.J. Book speaking at book signing

Sharing personal story

L.J. Facilitates Synergy Day

Helping to promote connection and compassion

Superdope Masterclass 1

Masterclass exclusively on MovieBaby

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